A Monday Morning in July

Journal reports three Albuquerque teens have been killing homeless men. Thugs in Ukraine have shot down an airliner, the Israelis and the Palestinians are killing each other.

But down by the river it was good. Dawn. Good air to breathe, things to see, ducks to talk to…

Art in the morning. Makes me think the day will be okay.

Art in the morning. Makes me think the day will be okay.

The Prickly Plants.

The Prickly Plants.


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  1. A walk along the river will put things in their proper place. When I walk I am very careful not to let my thoughts wander into the horrors of the day, and that is why I do not turn on the tv in the morning. I walk and think about bunnies and birds and flowers and the beauty of it all. Not until my day is well under way do I turn on NPR and have coffee and newspapers. Art and ducks make the world go around.


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