Sunday in Albuquerque: Writing, Cooking, PBS in the Evening


This week will be when I write two or three blog posts that aren’t all ducks or cherry tomatoes. But today’s not the day. I prepared cream spinach and garlic braised baby kale and my favorite—cherry tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar with pasta and rice. Made six perfect little work lunches, all frozen and ready for work.

Processed food is less and less appealing to me. And bread stuff. And even most kinds of cheese. I saw Alice Waters say all you really need in your kitchen for the basics of good cooking is garlic, olive oil, vinegar… then maybe some butter and salt? Then greens and a fish or chicken. I think I have that right. Did she say balsamic vinegar and did she forget to say cherry tomatoes?

I’ll write a whole food piece soon for the big class project—starting with all of the cakes I used to bake from the West Nidaros Ladies Aid Cook Book and ending with recipes from NOMA! The contrast should give me plenty of room for both comedy and drama. Strawberry Jello cake versus a recipe for Celeriac & Icelandic Moss, Seaweed & Egg Yolk.

Now “Last Tango in Halifax.” Love this messy show. PBS on Sunday night is the best.


My Minnesota Walleye.



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  1. I can’t wait to see this piece you are going to write for your class project. I was going to do a you tube series for perhaps for the comedy channel, to be called simply “Tom Cooks” It will be the funniest show ever. PBS Sunday night is great, I like Halifax, but Schuyler does not, so I miss it. However, we are both Masterpiece Mystery fans….”Endeavor” this season is great. It may be as good as “Inspector Morse”.


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