Rain during the night I think and for two or three hours this morning. Granted, not a drenching rain, nevertheless for Albuquerque it was substantial—as in I could see many drops of water on my shirt after walking from my car into work.

Of course I took pictures. Kind of like obsessively taking pictures of your food whether it’s bad or not. And of course I must share even though they represent very bad photography because why else would Al Gore have created the internet. Whatever happened to Al Gore anyway?

Told you...

Told you…

Back-up Evidence.

Back-up Evidence.


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  1. Yes, I believe you. I was on the KOB website yesterday and they had a short piece about rain. I mean folks, it’s just rain. Just kidding, I know it is news. We have had rain and lots of it Monday and Tuesday and some more this morning. Did you ever want to just take off your clothes and play in the rain? or with clothes. With no lightning and thunder, of course.


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