Almost rained. Not quite. Yet. Maybe Later. Never.

If it weren’t for my electronic world it would have been a perfect Sunday. Except that I live in the driest sunniest damn place in the world. Maybe not quite but for someone who loves rain it feels like it.

The almost-perfect part was getting work done. Some research for my next creative writing assignment. Some deep kitchen cleaning which feels so very good when it’s over.

The not-perfect part is that my big new laptop has a malware or adware or virus that’s not really a virus but hugely annoying and I can’t get rid of it. Can’t download photos from an external device on Surfy today either.  Even the TV is turning on me, cutting out frequently, only for seconds but messing with my one evening still reserved for TV. Otherwise everything is perfect. Trying a new Swedish crime solver tonight.

Here’s Joburg in the rain. Where I’ll be in a couple of months. YES.



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  1. Hear that? That is thunder. We are about to have quite a storm with lots of rain. Will rain off and on tonight and tomorrow. It was so humid today that when you took in a breath you cold feel the moisture. I propose building a pipeline from Delaware to New Mexico and we can sell you some water.


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