What if I bought a powerball ticket and won $20 million? What if the Bulgarian banker—who can’t spell but has access to my great-uncle’s safe deposit box which contains another $20 million which can be forwarded directly to me if only I will send a measly 5K for postage—is for real and I send the 5K and $20 million is credited to my checking account.

Then, instead of only writing on weekends, I would slave over this hot keyboard all week long. At my desk at 8am, wrapping up a productive day of many words at 5pm. Right?

Whatever. Life is good at the end of a long day with words words words. Second week of my new UCLA class, Using Found Texts: Deepening Your Writing. Of course I love it. What’s not to love—it’s a class. With assignments. And a teacher. I so never emotionally moved on from…

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