Working. Planning this week’s writing assignment. AND a doctor’s appointment. How often is THAT that an experience making you feel good about your day even if there are no serious problems? This. Visit. Was. A. Good. Experience.

No big issues at stake but I do have this ongoing bronchial situation that flares up quite violently when I get a bad cold. So violently that I couldn’t breathe for three days in Australia a few years ago–well, okay, so I did breathe obviously, but not much! My wonderful grandson kept me supplied with doughnuts from the Brisbane Dunkin Donuts and finally they cured me. The fear is I could have a similar attack in a country without doughnuts. Therein lies the reason for establishing a relationship with a pulmonary specialist that, if need be, I can call from Maun, Botswana for a prescription.

Today I had my first appointment with Dr. Vesta Sandoval. What we hope for when we see a doctor for the first time is that they hear what we say. We don’t expect an answer but we do expect to be heard, right. And Dr. Sandoval listens. Carefully. And thinks about what you just said. And has ideas about what can be tried. And moves ahead with suggesting a plan. I felt secure in the knowledge that I was in good hands when I left her office. And as a bonus she seems like the kind of smart, pleasant person we all like knowing…even has a sense of humor which I am not sure is a common trait of doctors?

I haven’t taken a single photo today so here’s a nice green scene from sometime. Happy Thursday.ALBUQUERQUE SCENE 009



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  1. Glad you like your new doctor. However, please know that if you ever have a medical doughnut emergency anywhere in the world, just call me and I will immediately fedex you doughnuts. Of course, I always have a supply of cookies on hand, but the doughnuts are easily obtainable any time day or night in Dover!


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