Friday’s Walk

I chased some suicidal ducks off the street. We need a lower speed limit on Tingley and a sign saying that if you’re in a hurry to get to work, leave your house earlier so you can cruise Tingley slowly for its early morning ambiance or take a different route. However my favorite feathered family was fine. You may think you’ve seen this photo before but you haven’t–this is how they felt this morning.


The sun came out as I headed back along the bike path. Since we’ve had over 12 raindrops this week it was fresh and lovely.


A car stopped and the driver asked how to get to Lovelace. And a cat is lost–such a sad little photo and plea.






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  1. Thanks for the nice pictures. In Dover we have signs warning of ducks on certain streets, really. It is bright yellow caution sign with a duck on it…and it indicates a Duck Crossing. The picture of the cat made me sad as I remember when Porch Kitty ran away and was missing for a month, but he came back. We have beautiful hollyhocks this year. We have tried for 3 years and finally this year they came up. I don’t have a camera or a cell phone, how am I going to take New Mexico pictures when I come out??? Can I borrow some of yours?


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