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This Today X 365 blog is intended as a sort of haphazard mini-journal of daily life–to include photos and comments about topics as disparate as cooking, restaurants, family, friends, health, walking, nature, thoughts on aging, and even weather.

A dawn stroll along the river is usually a good time and place to begin a day’s ‘journal’ post. However some mornings, while pleasant and cool at 5:45AM when I leave my house, are just not visually stimulating. And I understand there is a maximum number of duck/goose photos allowed on any one website. I believe that number is approximately Four Million–which I reached last week.

So, this morning, grasping at straws, I decided to focus on weather. Alas, we’re not actually having any today so, as you can see in the following photo, I was forced to fake it. Just enjoy the sun on the falling water…and pretend it is a rainy day in Albuquerque.

Fake weather.

Fake weather.

Weather a little later on a hot summer day.

Weather a little later on a hot summer day.

June 20,14 002


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