If I want my children and grandchildren to remember me as a kindly loving … sweet little old lady, I must transition from the opinionated grouch I’m on my way to becoming (okay so maybe become is the operative word but now it is new-leaf time). The thing is I still have many cranky sarcastic cynical mean things to say about a lot of stuff and, it turns out, I’m as qualified—let me rephrase that—more qualified than most people out there voicing their seriously ignorant and ignoble opinions on every social and electronic venue available. More qualified for what and then whom you ask? More qualified to comment on current affairs than people who do not read the NYT and a local paper and The New Yorker (some) and watch Aljazeera and catch some daily blurbs on Huffington Post and read history books and take an occasional MOOC and stay advised by my grandchildren who have turned me on to reddit (although I’m not sure how I feel about it yet) and are my guides to the webiverse.

Now you have my credentials for Cops and Robbers which I am going to try to make an ongoing series of posts for one of my blogs called Trains of Thought. It is where all my venting will take place. This way I can smile ever so sweetly at the dinner table and stick to comments about how good the potatoes turned out. Since the weather has become a volatile political issue even it is no longer free from confrontational possibilities but potatoes are still generally safe—along with the best time of year to plant things and whether tar or concrete is best for street surfaces.

What I’m hoping is that Cops and Robbers will force me to edit my tirades so they sound a little smarter than the average angry rant.

That’s the plan. This morning.

In MY OPINION this is a good, not great but good, photo.

In MY OPINION this is a good, not great but good, photo.


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  1. Is this picture some kind of political statement?


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