Back at the Beach

The great great grandchildren of 2012's duck (not geese right?) photos.

The great great grandchildren of 2012’s duck (not geese right?) photos.

Tingley is just the kind of beach you want when you’re over a certain age, whatever age that is for each of us. No swimming, sunbathing, beer drinking, beach volleyball or making out allowed. Just walkers and cyclists and ducks and me.

Late May and the daytime temperature already in the upper 80s but at 6am one can believe that life is fresh and green…somewhere to the east perhaps. It was a little chilly this morning but the drought is so extreme that even at dawn there is not the slightest hint of damp in the air. I don’t ever remember dew in this part of the world, but sometimes, very early in the day the memory of moisture might tantalize. Not anymore.

Never mind. It was beautiful in its own New Mexico way.

Friends are good.

Friends are good.


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