Dining on Happy Exotic Animals

Reblogging this so we can make our reservations for dinner at Da Capo’s in Cape Town in September. Scott, are you paying attention? New travel posts here soon.



 Since I only eat free-range meat or none at all and think hunting is not a real sport but rather some kind of bizarre male bonding ritual leftover from the ‘hunter-gatherer’ era and believe in conservation of natural wild things…tonight’s dinner was solely done to prove to my San Diego son that I’m not an exotic-food wimp. I did not break all of my rules; I am quite sure the springbok, kudu and impala I ate for dinner were wild and happy until slaughtered by some great white hunter type who took the heads home to White Bear Lake or Syracuse and they’re not very endangered…are they? And ostriches are living everywhere. This one probably got loose from the local ostrich farm and was hit by an out-of-control truck between here and Stellenbosch.

 Here’s how it all happened. I was wandering around my lovely Green Market Square neighborhood after…

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  1. Well, it looks good. Isn’t an Impala made by Chevrolet? Doesn’t look at all like something from Detroit. It does look good. I do eat chicken and beef, but not a lot of beef, so only feel somewhat guilty about that. We are in such a rush to completely over populate the planet that eventually all animals will be endangered because we will eat them all. Then we will have Soylent Green to eat, yum!!


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