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Another little concrete corner in the little city.

Another little concrete corner in the little city.

I live in small city America. Where there are many problems including a serious herd mentality.

MURDER: It took at least FIVE cops to murder a homeless guy a few weeks ago. As far as I know NONE of them have been arrested yet but the victim is most surely dead. Shot by several of them. But now the cops are in Federally mandated training to be more effective, less out-of-control aggressive enforcers of law and order. Like a few sympathetic training sessions are going to work with people already in love with guns and power. They obviously need to be fired. Never happen. Too many law suits, too much political bullshit.

RESCUE: Today, at work, one small person with a disability showed symptoms of seizure activity. It is our responsibility to call 911 immediately. Within a relatively short period of time, help arrived in the form of THREE vehicles (one ambulance, one paramedic vehicle and one fire truck) along with a total of SEVEN rescuers. Wow, that’s a lot of help…so much help in fact that people were getting in each other’s way. I choose to think it was a training opportunity for new recruits, otherwise surely we would have witnessed a smaller more efficient operation. Or is everyone involved with public service moving in packs these days.

I feel cranky and sad about all of this. We need a better breed of police officers and a wiser use of resources all the way around.

CITY BUSES: May as well keep complaining. What is it about city transportation that means those enormous traditional buses serve all city bus routes. They are rarely if ever full, usually they are nearly empty and too often completely empty. Why wouldn’t there be smaller vehicles in service on all routes except the most heavily used? The city fathers have been waiting for that day when we all give up the freedom of our personal vehicles for a ride on the bus. This is the wild west people and that is NEVER going to happen. Get smaller vehicles Mayor whomever.

There, my citizen rant for the day. Probably get pulled over by the cops on the way home, seven or eight of them. We little old ladies are dangerous. Just so they don’t shoot me.

Your tax dollars at work.  One frail person needed to go to the emergency room.

Your tax dollars at work. One frail person needed to go to the emergency room.








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