Friends with Books


I already love it. I already love it.

I begin work for my UCLA Creative Nonfiction writing class today. And my friend Stephen’s new book arrived in the mail. It is a good omen I know. There’s a modest but growing pile of books on the corner of my writing desk—books written by friends and relatives, by people I know, which makes them very special. As always I must mention that my master’s thesis, all bound and official is among them; if all of us did this once or, in some cases more than once, then there is no reason, with nose to the computer-grindstone, we/I cannot do it again.

I am excited about my new book here beside me on the couch waiting to be born to the bedroom to enhance a sleep-troubled night.  Life in Jersey/NYC/London, the dance world, the glamour of it all, the excitement, joy, and, I’m guessing, some sorrow…

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  1. Good luck. I keep thinking there is something that I want to create with words, but don’t know how to open the door to that part of my brain. I thought I was going to write, but it is like getting in a brand new car and you can’t find the ignition or the key. Is this car keyless? How do I let the writing out? Is it stuck in my brain? is it there at all? I hope to hear a lot more about this process.


    • Tom, check out the MOOCs. Every now and then they have a writing class. It seems like I need a teacher a lot of time to put pressure on me. Check out and


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