Road Songs

One of the BEST things about road trips is that you can PACK AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.

One of the BEST things about road trips is that you can PACK AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.

I need road songs. I didn’t take care of my DVDs and now they are scratched and melted and all used up. But I need road songs because Friday I am on my way to California. Not so many travels this year but now the urge is getting stronger…I’ll appease it on the 10, 15 and 91 to Teresa’s house and then the 5 down to Scott’s in San Diego. I’m practicing California speak…the 6 to the 3 to the 12 exit at the 86 onto the 17 keep going to the 42 left lane ease onto the 204…  I am excited. Haven’t been out of Albuquerque, New Mexico since sometime last fall. Can cabin fever extend to a town, a state?

Maybe I’ll buy a DVD of “O’Brother” tomorrow because it is not possible to drive out of town without “You are My Sunshine” at full volume, a Starbucks in hand with Albuquerque in my rearview mirror.

Maybe my grandchildren can help me out of the DVD age and I’ll have hundreds of tunes on the way back.



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  1. You are going to have such fun on your road trip. If I were on a road trip I would listen to: Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer ( yes, Donna Summer) Big band music (lots of Big Band music), some Western Swing, Simon and Garfunkel, Jazz like Four Play, Ella Fitzgerald, perhaps the Messiah…turned up full blast. But that is music I would like, what about you? I wish I could go with you on your road trip, it would be such fun.


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