On the Road with SURFACE



Love my blogs. Even with nothing to say. Big travel plans afoot so must experiment with Surface and see if it is the right companion for an exciting productive blogging-with-photos journey. Now for the downloading a photo. It must come from my camera because I feel very silly taking pics with my Surface pad. And I must do this while sitting on the couch instead of a desk or table because when traveling much writing is done sitting on a bus/plane/train seat or on bed. And, as you may or may not know, Surface is Windows version of IPad but better. A pad with an excellent keyboard and full Office suite. I love it except for the Windows 8 part which is cumbersome at the very least.

About THIS photo. It is my first piece of ART! I sat in on three of our Day Arts painting classes and put color and swirls and lines on paper and felt most accomplished. It made me realize that I want to know how to really do this art thing with at least a modest degree of knowledge. Off I went to art supply stores and spent about $200 on watercolors and chalk and colored pencils and acrylics. Unfortunately between minor eye surgery and Oscars and family visits…no art has emerged. So for this practice-with-Surface blog I’ll share my first piece while acknowledging I’ve been advised not to quit my day job.


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  1. I spend all day now with 3 artists in a co op. None of them is doing modern art and I have never understood this form of self expression. Having said that, it is interesting. What a mix of shapes and colors, perhaps a reflection of your life? or not. Self expression in any form is good, unless it is shouting fire in a crowded theater and thus we do not do that. In your next blog tell me about your travel plans. Soon? I thought you were traveling in the Fall? However, since your journeys are sometimes in remote areas on stagecoaches (well, almost), it is a good idea to practice your picture taking..


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