Hotels Matter (Odessa 2011)

Thinking of Ukraine and how much I loved Odessa and feeling sad about lovely places being threatened and frequently wrecked by belligerently insecure men.


Arrived in Odessa, Ukraine about 10pm. Taxi from bus station dropped me off on a dark corner. I entered the tiny shabby lobby where a line of “loving” couples and bewildered families were waiting to check in. Checked in. Room maybe 8X8. Hot. No air. Mattress a throw-away from the family camper. I am NOT going to like Odessa am I?

Next morning on line I book Hotel Ekatarina.

 Taxi. Check in. Light sunny room. Golden good cheesy sweet breakfast crepes.

Walk about the square, Richelieu takes center stage surrounded by the awe-inspiring buildings of that old beautiful Europe we love so much—the creamy yellows, mint greens, rosy-reds shimmer in the morning sun. I AM GOING TO LOVE ODESSA.

 Odessa is a place to wander about most happily. For two days, I walked. Down Potemkin Steps, up through a huge park that led me to the beach where, among the…

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  1. Yes. many places destroyed all over the world for centuries by men who were insecure…psychos! This is what happens when your testosterone levels exceed your blood sugar levels. You liked Odessa? by not the hotel so much?


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