Friday night

A good work week. Happily over. Two days in pajamas. Writing. I hope.

A bad week for photography though. Not walking in the morning so no ducks and geese. Not imaginative enough to take really interesting photos of my home or work neighborhood when I drive through, by, past.

I’m tired. The Philippines is devastated again by yet another typhoon. Poor Philippines, I lived there many years ago; my daughter-in-law is from there; what a beautiful and troubled land.

Up Late with Alec Baldwin is a good new show on MSNBC. Tonight talking to the directors of an immigration/labor issues organization in Texas and of the primary (I think) NYC Homeless agency. Smart and dedicated women, what a nice change from celebrity interviews.

What else can I tell you? The Republicans are still crazy; Obama’s healthcare site’s still a mess; Twitter on the other hand has it all together.

Let me find a good photo from sometime in my life to include since this is otherwise a pathetic post.


My sons, Steven and Scott, when we lived in the Philippines. Just a few years ago…or more than a few. Now they’re middle-aged men. Still cute though.


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  1. No morning walks, what is going on? I am walking 6 days a week and the last couple of mornings it has been very cold…have some empathy. I did not see the show your are referring to, but would welcome interviews of non celebs about interesting projects and events. So tired of all the fluff,..right fluff…left fluff, I don’t care what they think!!!!! I did see a short piece on PBS News Hour, can’t remember their names (or anything else) but both agreed the next big political issue will be income inequality. How the rich got so very rich and the rest of us got screwed. You mean all those changes in the tax laws and relaxation of insider trading laws, etc did not benefit the middle class? You mean it actually helped to rig taxation in favor or already rich people? Oh my? how did that happen? I sure hope it becomes the really big issue. Keep walking take pictures of ducks and have a great weekend.


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