A Picture A Day (Keeps Gloom Away, maybe Writer’s Block Away?)

Trying to find a photo opportunity every day—for that one semi-great picture that FB/blog friends will find interesting in some way—is my way of paying attention to today. It works. To think about something in the ordinary life of the day to share does make one look around.

I am looking around. Today is like this: It is a chilly—cold actually—Albuquerque morning and I am at work. The to-do list for the workday includes planning the agency newsletter which is mostly comprised of photographs of our working artists and art students; meeting with some artists from the community who have received a grant to do arts-related research in Uganda; finishing my morning Starbucks before eating the ratatouille my friend brought to share; calling our state senator just to be in touch before the legislative session begins and leaving at 4:30pm for the gym.

Oh yeah…AND finding a photo emblematic of just such an everyday day.

It’s later now and somehow the day just didn’t quite jell. But walking through our lobby gallery I spied Brandon Via’s mask and it made me smile. So I guess Wednesday is really okay after all.

Brandon Via's mask.

Brandon Via’s mask.




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  1. I sure understand your day. I really did enjoy kind of sharing it with you. I am working with an artist who is forming a sort of coop with two other artists for studio and retail space. I am running The Delaware Store for her. The picture of the mask therefore triggered a pleasant feeling inside me because I am working closer with art than I have before and I really am enjoying it, well mostly. I hope when you called your local Senator that you would like a very large grant.


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