The Magical World of MOOCs


I am watching a lecture on Kierkegaard titled “Subjectivity, Irony and the Crisis of Modernity.”  If I were smart enough I could stream pertinent points of the lecture from my Surface through my brain onto my fingers on the keyboard of my PC and straight to this post. It would have been my first absolutely intellectually-informed post.

The truth of the matter is I can barely understand the professor even with my face practically pressed to the computer screen, blocking out all other sound and movement. Jon Stewart, professor at the University of Copenhagen, is a superb lecturer and if I were a full-time student I would be reading everything from Plato through Kierkegaard. I would be pondering reading pondering listening pondering writing and enjoying my handsome youngish professor strolling through the libraries and about the campus of this beautiful university in history-rich Denmark. But I am not that. And…

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  1. Don,t you just hate that! Damn smart people! Well, maybe you are really processing all this information and just don’t realize it. One day this subject will come up and you will just blurt out all this stuff you learned, but don’t know you learned, and it will just gush out of your brain through your mouth and your friends will be astounded, but they won’t understand it either. Isn’t education fun?


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