The Return of TODAY X 365 (minus 64)

San Diego Harbor

San Diego Harbor

Starting on my birthday, April 2, 2013 I will post to Today X 365 EVERY DAY ALL YEAR (I said). Well, stuff happens. However, starting today, November 1, 2013, I am once again becoming a better person. To prove that I am leaving work a little early to go home and write more for this blog, outline the book which I will write as a NaNoWriMo participant, listen to a lecture or two about Kierkegaard and lie down in the street to see if I can get a truck to run over me.

I set an impossible number of tasks for myself but… if at first I don’t succeed… oh shut up.

AND now…back to Blogland. Global DanceFest is history (maybe one more blog post); the IKEA/foodie trip to my son’s new house in sunny California is over; and even a couple weekends of painting doors and things are finally in the past (did I know painting is that complicated?). It’s all good.

The photo is out my kid’s big windows overlooking San Diego Harbor…and a runway and freeway or two. I did not maneuver anything, it’s just the way the various lines worked out.


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  1. Happy to see the blog again, as opposed to the blob which nobody wants to see. Not because they are afraid of it, just that it was such a bad movie. Anyway, welcome back to writing land. The pictures are so California. Freeways, airplanes, water, military, and shopping centers. That pretty much says it all for that place. However, you did not tell us about your trip….you always tells us about your trips. IKEA AND FOOD? What does that mean? and more about Global Dance Fest, please.


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