The Glamour of it all


The truth about being a presenter/producer of contemporary dance and performing arts is that it is just so damn thrilling. Friends are asking if I won’t miss the excitement of it all, hanging out with amazing artists, seeing brilliant performances, traveling to exotic destinations. I thought it might be appropriate to share the thrills of a typical festival day so you too will envy us here at North Fourth as we prepare for a weekend of “Moses(es).”

Susanna preparing the program; Marjorie scrubbing the refrigerator; Rujeko delivering the last of the brochures; Omar cleaning up out front and Josh mopping the stage. 

I suppose members of the board, and artistic and technical staff aren’t cleaning, typing and delivering at BAM and the Kennedy Center but out here in the west we are just hands-on kind of people.


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  1. The excitement builds. I want one of those jobs….I can work my way up as an understudy and then the big time! Just as in All About Eve I can be like Bette Davis at the party and announce “fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride” Ah the thrill of the stage. Are you working your way up to that?


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