Reggie Wilson is in the Building


Susanna, Yeman, Raja and REGGIE.

Well, it’s here—the beginning of the end of Global DanceFest. Ever since I made the decision to bring this ever-exciting, always-engaging program to a close I have felt very good and sure of my decision. “It’s time,” I’ve said often. “Yes, I am through…ready to move on to my next life project.” “No regrets.” And on and on and on.

So now the time has come. And, while I still feel the decision was right, and while I’m still ready, I must admit to some pangs of regret!

As Susanna and I sat waiting at the airport, I said happily, “Hey, this is next to our last airport pickup for Global DanceFest.” Then the artists came through the revolving doors and it struck me what good friends and fascinating artists and lovely human beings they are…and they won’t be coming back…and I wasn’t quite so happy.

As the evening went on, sharing a meal, driving some errands, my sense of the rightness of my decision didn’t go away but I found a certain sadness was occupying my senses in equal proportion.

Now it’s the next day; the artists are in the theater rehearsing and I’m getting ready to clean the theater refrigerator so tomorrow it will be all ready for reception food. There is no hotel near our theater so we drive back and forth often which is usually the task we find most tiresome. Now however, for me, every action has a feeling of poignancy about it. Damn. I’ve been looking forward to both the artists and performance and THE END. At this very moment, in my heart, the latter seems to have arrived a little too soon.


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  1. I understand this feeling completely. The decision to close Delaware Made started, I think with a discussion with you driving to the beach, I think. When it finally came time to close it was the right and only thing I could do. However, when customers who had become friends came to talk to me about how sad they were to see me leave, I must admit that I had a lot of second thoughts. It was the people I was going to miss the most, not the business. It was a sense of loss of connection to all these wonderful customers. Your loss of connection to these great dancers is what is making you a bit sad. But if you feel it is time, then it is time. Enjoy this last dance weekend and savor all of those great memories of wonderful people you have met over the years. It is not the dance….it is the dancers.


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