Day Before the Dancing BEGINS

Our Global DanceFest artists begin arriving tomorrow. Reggie Wilson and company first, then on Friday, Panaibra Gabriel Canda, Boyzie Cekwana and dancers. It is all quite exciting—just hope I don’t start regretting my decision to stop producing dance after this amazing splendiferous perfect couple of weeks!

Meanwhile my morning walk was cool and energizing. Rained again last night and the damp green of New Mexico right now is quite eye-opening—as in where am I? 

Soon I’ll move indoors to walk evenings on the gym treadmill with a book in front of me. Get more reading done but I still won’t feel as healthy.

Sparkly cold morning stream.

Sparkly cold morning stream.

Pay attention to my sign, he/she says.

Pay attention to my sign, he/she says.



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  1. I am sure you are going to have a roller coaster of emotions the rest of the week. You have so many more adventures to look forward to and your “dancing days” may not be over after all. Perhaps you will explore dance in a different way or at a different venue. Somehow I do not think your dance is over. I spent half the day yesterday outside and it was wonderful. Winter can be so confining, in many ways. I will think about you and your dance festival a lot in the next few days. I am sorry that it is not possible for me to jump on a plane and fly out and see this event and have some time with you…have fun


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