Our gun culture walks with me

Glanced at the headline of the Albuquerque Journal just before heading for the river and my beautiful peaceful life-restoring dawn walk.

Another dead kid. How many dead kids in how many towns on the days there’s not even a mass murder? Yesterday someone I know said, ‘you should be careful walking by yourself…we’re a violent city…you know we’re so close to the border!’ How sad that so many people are so misinformed about where the danger lies. It’s not the border, people; it is the GUNS. In fact it’s harder to get guns in Mexico than here in Ugunistan. Maybe she meant we’re a straight shot (no pun intended) down from Canada!

I walked down green and pleasant Laguna past the roses. Along the ponds, by the art, petted the bearded man’s dogs and I was not afraid. But I thought about whether I should be afraid. Good job, fearful angry gun-obsessives! You’re passing your fear on to all of us.

Thursday Morning images:


Fall Flowers


Birds and Birds


Rio Grande with two inches more water


Wild Life


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  1. Same here…7 people shot in Wilmington over the weekend. So much of the shooting is drug related, many time fighting over distribution street corners, etc. That is what I hear on NPR and other good news sources. Legalize the drugs and treat the addicts and crime will plummet. Yes, there are people out there who might attack somebody on a trail because they want your cell phone and money. I must be safe, I have neither. And there are crazy people who get guns and kill lots of people because gun laws are lax. Will it ever change? I am beginning to think not in our lifetimes, perhaps never in America. Perhaps it is time to look for a safe place to live.


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