Happiness is an elusive state of being but we never give up trying to define it. The country of Bhutan has gone a step further than the rest of us and defined “Gross National Happiness” and is building national policies around the concept. Which certainly makes as much sense as our fixation on how high our Gross National Product can/should be considering that its numbers give equal weight to the revenue earned through car sales AND through the medical, disability and death costs associated with car crashes.

Tingley Beach: 6:30am. I’m feeling good. Walking semi-briskly, just the slightest bit of chill in the air, it is calm with only people about who like to be up early, walk dogs, move their sleepy bodies and ride bikes. Feeling good.

Half hour goes by; I’m trying to think about what photos I can take that will indicate fall is almost here. Dying flowers…that works. And the ducks and geese are out in full force this morning. Their kids are all teens now, mostly ignoring parents while simultaneously mimicking their grown-up actions. I love these guys. Teenagers in the water fowl world are a sign of fall I’m thinking.

All of a sudden I realize I am happy. Happy is not the same as feeling good. Happy is…well, you know it when you feel it. One-part satisfaction about where you are in the moment; one-part calm; one-part anticipation; one-part rested; one-part invigorated and on and on it goes. That is happiness.

Here is the weekly Tingley Beach photo album:






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  1. I think happiness is not feeling sad. Sad however, is a whole different story and is much more complicated than just not being happy. We are bombarded constantly by stuff and noise telling us how to think about everything…bombing people, eating that special cereal that will just make your whole day and everything in between. Happiness to me is mental calm. Good and bad, black and white all in balance and not causing a disturbance of any sort. Those disturbances make you unhappy, or worse. I feel good most of the time, so I guess that is happy? Occasionally, I find myself singing (never in the shower) and I am not sure what that is. Something beyond happy, a spark of what?


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