Once upon a pre-Google time


You felt badly.

You called the doctor.

In a day or few, you saw the doctor.

The doctor knew EVERYTHING.

He (usually) told you what to do/not do.

You got better. Or died.


You feel badly.

You Google your symptoms.

You call a specialist who might deal with those symptoms.

In three to four months, you will see this specialist.

He/she will know A FEW THINGS.

He/she will say maybe you should try this OR it could be that OR you

      should see the specialist who knows about left earlobes. (Turns out you

      mistakenly booked in with the right earlobe specialist.)


Eventually you see the doctor/specialist.

He/she says he/she doesn’t know what you have but gives you a few

     prescriptions to try.

And says let’s schedule you for another appointment in six months to see

     how you’re doing.

You get better. Or see another specialist. Or die.

SO eat your fruit and veggies and ALWAYS TRAVEL A LOT.

SO eat your fruit and veggies and ALWAYS TRAVEL A LOT.


About mneset

Writer, Traveler, Director/North Fourth Art Center

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