I am not a Luddite

Nor am I stupid or poorly-educated or in the early stages of some awful brain-wasting disease. But some days in the cyber/electronic/hyper-communicative world are harder than others. For example:

 Yesterday I needed to power up, turn on and understand my new camera.

Yesterday I needed to connect my new printer wirelessly to its new Dell, Fujitsu, Surface friends.

Yesterday I started step by step through my (paper-printed, 109-page) Surface manual in order to begin fully utilizing my now 6-months-old Surface. But page 57, a critical page related to communicating with the new wireless printer, is missing.

Yesterday I realized how critical this all is because my laptops (with whom I have never become bosom buddies but we’ve done well together nevertheless) are now ill. One has developed a reluctance to talk to Google, the other killed Outlook.

 When I ask my grandchildren questions about this dense and tangled new world, their friends whisper things to them like ‘your grandmother is sooo cute.’

Well, I’m not cute dammit. I’m a frustrated, aging, semi-electronics-literate, wannabe cyber nerd. But I am NOT a Luddite.

 I would include a beautiful photo of something but I can’t download photos from my new camera to my old computer yet…probably should have bought the camera that connects wirelessly also.

 My stomach hurts.


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  1. I am a Luddite. For some reason Beatles I am a Walrus is floating in my head, except they are singing ” I am a Luddite.” The sad truth is that it is ok with me that I am, well most of the time. I do not know how to do anything remotely related to electronics. I can post comments on facebook and send emails and that is pretty much it. That is usually enough for me, pretty much as connected as I want to be. But there are times when something goes wrong and I don’t know how to fix it. People are turning into robots…trying to be connected to everything and everybody and they end up being robots who push buttons and don’t have a brain to use. I am a mostly happy Luddite. The future is for those who disconnect!


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