If at first …

If at first … well you know the rest. Bet your mother repeated it as much as mine did.

 … you don’t succeed … Launching a daily blog; starting to miss a day here, a day there; and then skipping about three weeks might be considered an excellent example of not succeeding!

 Sure. I have my reasons:

  • Big career compilation/personal memoir brochure to write;
  • Confusion about what “365” is/should be;
  • Family busyness;
  • Creating too many blogs.

 However. If at first you don’t succeed…

 Try try again. I do hear mom’s voice, tired of repeating the message, me tired of hearing it.

 Okay mom, I AM.

 I still like the idea of a daily post. An on-line diary/cyber journal/www.it’s all about me.

 So. 365 will continue being whatever it wants to be every day. The other blogs “Social Work for Adults,” “Reading Books” and eventually “Stories” will cover all of my more serious writing needs on a weekly basis. “365” therefore can simply meander through any subject it chooses, leave careful editing to its betters and, yes, be all about me or at least all about my life.

 My goal—making new goals is a pastime of mine if you hadn’t noticed—is to write every morning and post around noon. Also to catch up on the 35 posts I am behind with evening posts on eventful days.

 My photos of the day include my new camera (so you know blog photo quality is about to improve), new writing tables from…IKEA (a new shiny red one will join them shortly to create the perfect literary corner) and the newly-gluten-free cupboard to make my stomach happy (but not necessarily my taste buds).







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Writer, Traveler, Director/North Fourth Art Center

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  1. What a nice surprise, Marjorie is posting again. Thanks for the update. Looks like some changes going on for you. I don’t like change and it has become very apparent to me that I need to seek advice about change. Perhaps you will inspire me. I hope so


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