There’s a new royal baby and if I weren’t theater-sitting again I would be home glued to the TV for any tidbit of information however small. What is this fascination with the royal family? Oh sure, everyone doesn’t have it but MANY of us do…. Why not really? They represent real live history in a generally charming format. And, like the Downton Abbey downstairs folks, most of us will never ever be privy to what it is really like upstairs so there’s mystery. Also mixed with manners galore is just the right amount of hanky panky.  Usually, or at least sometimes, these royals are quite handsome or beautiful. Obviously those traits skip around a bit but even in Charles’ case he’s interesting and actually appealing in a sort of silly way. So there it is…I love them. There are national treasures—British royalty; Scandinavian mysteries; African dance; French baguettes—and for the U.S., well I guess what we treasure most are guns. On that sad note I will post this and troll the web for baby news.

Here’s a photo of South African rain just because… which in New Mexico we would consider a treasure of major proportions. Besides there are no royal babies in the family to photograph.



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  1. I love Great Britain and her history and architecture and of course the Royal family. The history of the monarchy is in many ways the history of Great Britain. From absolute monarch (off with their heads) to the current ceremonial head of state and sweet new baby they are fascinating. What do we have. We have an experiment in democracy. When we started in 1776 this whole experiment in self government was extraordinary, there was nothing like it in the world. In many ways it is still unique and certainly evolving. Who we are and what we are change with the generations. Do we march toward democratic perfection or democratic ruin. The tale is yet to be finished. I hope it has a happy ending.


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