Ovidia and her Sheep

Mom always loved sheep; actually she always loved all animals but especially sheep. After she married my dad, she had Tula, her South Dakota lamb, shipped to her up in northern Minnesota. Tula was the foremother of a small herd that mom maintained until she and dad left the farm about 55 years later.





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  1. The pictures of the lambs are cute…so is your Mom. However, the problem with raising farm animals is that you either eat them or send them off to be eaten. It is much less distressing to buy meat in a package at the supermarket than to think about the food chain from farm to my mouth. But then again, I don’t eat lamb. Well, perhaps once in a while. Now every time I eat just the smallest lamb chop I will have these pictures in my brain. What have you done to me? Family pictures. I just did some rearranging in my closet and came across many family pictures that I brought back from my Mother’s house. I looked at a few and it was just too emotional so had to stop. Good thing, otherwise I would be still looking at pictures.


  2. In my family no one EVER contemplated eating lamb. We would have as likely eaten Shep or Pal or Rover. However some cattle were shipped off every fall…a day of many tears and much sad moping about. My dad did NOT hunt, nor did we eat any other wild or tame thing. Since we did not have a lot of money we did eat things like dried beef and spam but not sure that comes from living things! Do not like to think about the big spam factory somewhere at all. Now if I eat meat it’s all formerly-alive-and-HAPPY meat from Whole Foods. DO NOT EVER EAT GROCERY STORE CHICKEN.


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