If I Could Save Time…

Dad, Mom and me. Quite awhile ago.

Dad, Mom and me. Quite awhile ago.

Old photos are an issue, aren’t they? Not the main ones of course, weddings and babies and new houses and new countries but the other ones of everyday life when you weren’t dressed up or posing; maybe a little blurry, maybe you don’t even know everyone in the photo…but it captured a second of life you cannot get back.

You know how some cultures believe you steal a person’s soul if you take their picture. Well I think deep down I believe that you might be throwing away a moment of a person’s life if you throw away their picture?

My goal is to scan every photo I possess that has even a modicum of sentimental value…and then keep them all in some big sloppy cloud file!

Meanwhile I pick up little handfuls of the old pics to sort every time I sit down and invariably find one so beautiful, and so evocative of the best things of my life, that I want to laugh, cry, frame it to cover an entire wall…maybe hear mom tell dad to brush his hair a little for the picture and dad grumble and say it’s good enough the way it is…and you can smell an apple pie baking…and the dog’s laying on the couch and it’s Sunday so there’s a preacher or a news talking head on TV…


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  1. I feel the same way about family pictures. My Dad had many photo albums, mostly of where he grew up in rural Pennsylvania. Before my Mother passed away I had her start albums and identify the photos. She did a lot of that, but we found many more unidentified. Family secrets. I could never throw any of them away. I would like to build a family history and do it with photos. But I don’t think anyone would care, our family has become so fractured, perhaps that is the story of American families now. Aren’t you glad your parents were your parents? I am. It was a good time to grow up in America


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