The Wind

A summer dawn is the best time of the day. Soft gray, warm, just a hint of moisture (well, the latter is mostly dependent on a good imagination), friendly ducks/cranky geese, so quiet.

5:30AM today. The wind blew, gusted, and flung dust and sand around even so early. Not a morning walk for photo ops or wandering but kindly thoughts of loving New Mexico.  And…one of my many goals is to love New Mexico again, an emotion somewhat lacking lately but I’m working on it. In fact this evening is beautiful—not windy, very dry and sunny…

Back in Albuquerque June 2013 033

Albuquerque Water Fowl

Flowers and Wind.

Flowers and Wind.


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  1. I am glad you are trying to love New Mexico again. I started my love affair with New Mexico when I arrived to attend UNM. I stepped off the plane at the old, and I mean old Sunport. Did you know they did not have a baggage area then. A trolly full of luggage arrived and the bags were placed on the sidewalk…no really they did. Interesting start to a love story. I still love New Mexico. I must admit that I sometimes fall out of love with Dover, Delaware. I am hoping that we will retire out there. So, pick up that plastic chair for me and store it, might look nice on the porch of our casita.


    • Hey Tomas……I feel like we should both be blogging…posting each other. Your comments would make great posts, they’re nicely descriptive and personal and fun to read. So now that you’re retiring you too can BLOG. It’s quite fun…though my 365 deadline feels a little bit too much sometimes!


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