The Walleye Artist

Dan and Nancy Root are among Robert and Marsha’s (bro/sister-in-law) best friends. Now after all these years of knowing them and admiring their creativity and lifestyle I hope they won’t mind being my friends too.

Dan is a fish sculptor. Well, he creates these beautiful wooden fish that are sculptures but also real lures and decoys. I guess. I mean they float and so forth but I’m not sure what you do with them otherwise. Obviously I’ve never fished in my life.

I think these fish are the perfect representation of art for beauty and fun. First because they are graceful and colorful and imaginative.  Secondly they are just so Minnesota!  In fact Dan’s fish embody the state perfectly—Minnesota supports the arts better than most other states because of a tax on the sports of hunting and fishing. Yup, serious about outdoor sports but love our arts. Voila…Dan’s Art Fish.  We Minnesotans are sober serious people with a weird sense of humor and a cynical, slightly wacky sense of life. Comes from that Scandinavian adage to not think too highly of oneself and from Minnesota winters and from a lifetime of mosquito bites.

Dan gave me a pet this summer, a bright and charming walleye. I suppose I’ll call him Wally, not original, but he seems comfortable with it. Wally lives on the table next to but pointed away from the stove—forever fleeing the frying pan. He doesn’t understand that he is wooden and just wouldn’t taste like his free-range cousins anyway.  Also Wally’s much less bother than a dog or a cat so I’m doubly appreciative. Dan’s website is

So thanks Dan. Love from Marj and Wally.







BLOGS SUMMER 2013 4 M's 944

BLOGS SUMMER 2013 4 M's 970

BLOGS SUMMER 2013 4 M's 988

BLOGS SUMMER 2013 4 M's 943


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  1. These fish are great I used to carry a line of wooden fishing decoys from a local man. However, these are excellent. If I were going to stay in business I would try to get some of these to sell. I am not an artist/artisan but I certainly admire the talent it takes to do something like this. It really is a gift, not something you decide to learn. You can be mechanical about learning to paint for instance, but being an artist is a different level. If you are a good artist is shows in your work and although you may master the technique you must have the spirit within you to really create something that is above the average. Thanks for the post, what great work


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