What is a BLOG?

“A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis” (Google’s definition). Since blogging threatens to take over all my communication time and energy, it’s time to recommit, refocus and reorganize—for my benefit and the general amusement of anyone reading my blogs.

 Today X 365 is the only blog getting any of attention which is partly because of my determination to post something every day in spite of driving vast distances most of these last 24 days!  And I only missed one day (so technically the name should be changed to Today X 364 but I will absolutely make it up). 365 needs something…and will get it…as soon as I figure out what it is.

 Time and Place, my other neglected confused blog, will be fixed and I’m adding a new one for serious writing. But more about all of that later.

 For the next few days I’ll probably just talk about blogging but will include pretty pictures from my Epic Journey through the countryside.

I left Sioux Falls in a dense fog. Which makes for foggy indistinct blurry mysterious photos…nice to try to recapture in sunny sunny sunny New Mexico.

4 M's Home from Sioux Falls 062



4 M's Home from Sioux Falls 073

4 M's Home from Sioux Falls 075

4 M's Home from Sioux Falls 081

4 M's Home from Sioux Falls 079


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