6,462 MILES

The END of the Epic 24-day Summer Road Trip of 2013.

Happy to be home…in relentlessly sunny New Mexico. Sad to have left the cool green beauty of the north.

In Fort Collins last night a visit with Val and John and their gorgeous lively babies.

All day driving driving driving through the tedious chaos of Denver traffic; by the same Rockies we started the trip with only on the other side now.

Through the dreary stretches of I-25 in southern Colorado.

Into New Mexico which looked pretty good considering it is not green, rainy, cloudy, even misty. Oh well, it is home.

The pretty scenery in Fort Collins:

4 M's Home from Sioux Falls 096

4 M's Home from Sioux Falls 134


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  1. Did you say hello to Raton when you came through on I 25? You know Bill Kouri and I opened the Holiday Inn there and I stayed almost one year. Our first snow was LABOR DAY! It didn’t stick around, and neither did I. I was working all the time and did not have an opportunity to explore much of northern New Mexico. I will. It is on my list. The drive from Raton to Albuquerque always seemed so long, maybe because it was. The scenery was nice. I have had a very nice time following you on this journey. Talk about living vicariously. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your family and your pictures. I really have enjoyed it.


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