Taking the Long Way Home: Day Two–Lemmon to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

November 2016. Editing and adding to old posts to include photos that beg to be part of one post or the other…just to complete that journey. Here are a few more favorites from Montana, summer 2013 when ‘the cousins visit the cousins.’





Now it almost the end of the trail for this trip. Well, except for getting into Sioux Falls and then a thousand or so to Albuquerque.  440 miles today. Dropped Vivian at her house, had coffee, came to my hotel so I can get an early start tomorrow. About 10 hours to Val’s in Fort Collins. A little discouraged by so many miles yet to go…however a great trip…really…in spite of the photos below.

Wish I could have written more along the way but I have had companions for the whole time. Tonight is my first night alone since May 18th. For me this is quite major since I am at heart a hermit. But since I had perfect travel partners, first the 22-year-old and then the 81-year-old, I am a happy camper so to speak.

 Here’s my travel visual for the day—heading from Sioux Falls to Albuquerque—beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder!  

4 M's 2nd day on road home 039

4 M's 2nd day on road home 058


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  1. Yes, beauty must be in the eye of the beholder, I could not find it. Beauty in the open road and freedom of going someplace on your own schedule. It could be Delaware it is so flat. I like the pictures from Montana the most. Have any more?


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