A Day Between

Before Minnesota can be properly wrapped you should see these random photos from my home very-sweet home:


Yesterday, the first two M segments (Manitoba and Minnesota) of Epic Summer Journey 2013 came to an end. Officially today began M segment #3—Montana. I didn’t come to life however for the first 700 miles—until we passed Little Big Horn Battlefield and my tourist genes kicked back in. More about that tomorrow. Just to say. MONTANA IS GORGEOUS/STUPENDOUS/MAGNIFICENT—and we’re not even to the best parts yet. But I’ll miss Minnesota nevertheless. I always miss Minnesota. 

Pictures of the day…on the road to Montana’s Bitterroot Valley.



BLOGS SUMMER 2013 4 M's PART3 montana 097

BLOGS SUMMER 2013 4 M's PART3 montana 102


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  1. So are you in Montana? I am lost, and I am not even on the road with you, well perhaps mentally. The pictures of the horses are nice, the ass end of the truck not so nice…aren’t you a little close? See, I can be a back seat driver and not even be in the car. Really, if you take me on a road trip I really am not at all a back seat driver. I like to drive and or navigate and then just oh and ah. looking forward to the next post


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