Yay, I’m not a Republican

Teresa Klotzback, Travel Junkie.

Teresa Klotzback, Travel Junkie.

Thank god…we can leave on our trip instead of hanging around here with bankers and lawyers counting our Powerball loot. I was so dreading reregistering as a Republican too. So it’s all good.

The dread ‘bad-cold-as-you’re-leaving-on-a-holiday’ has struck. I am practically mainlining zicam and orange juice. And Asian cracker/nut mix seems to help.

I was going to write about the last leg of the first of the four M-series legs of this Big Road Trip. We start #1 tomorrow—to Manitoba (Winnipeg); #2 is all-Minnesota all of the time; #3 takes us to and from Montana and #4 brings me back to Mexico (the Nuevo part).

Since I do not feel at all well I need one more pass before getting serious with travel writing tomorrow night. Thank you.


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