Suddenly I’m Rich


This is me in about 1987 with my father’s childhood friend (Mikkel Neset) on the tiny peninsula that is Neset Camping near Byglandsfiord, Norway. With my Powerball winnings I’m going to spend a lot of time in Norway researching my ancestry.

A kind person told me today that I was a good writer. Which of course makes me determined to become just that—a good writer.

Time is what I need. Time to think. Time to play with ideas and words and characters and places. Time to create. That will only happen if my non-existent billionaire uncle shows up…or if I win Powerball.

Therefore. Tonight I bought a Powerball ticket. Already my second one this year. When the numbers come up tomorrow night surely they will be mine. I had better make one of my multiple never-ending to-do lists so I’ll be prepared:

1) Check numbers. Double check. Triple check. Yes, my numbers.

2) Teresa will be here. Have Teresa check the numbers, double check the numbers, triple check the numbers. Yup, she will say you won. Then we will look at each other in disbelief. And laugh and shout.

3) Call sons. Which one first? Neither will believe me, until I repeat the numbers several times and they go on-line to verify.

4) Put road trip on short hold!

5) Ask Scott to fly in from California, Robert to return from Minnesota.

6) Ask Steve to come over immediately.

7) Open that bottle of champagne.

8) Start the plan for how to spend the money! Teresa and I have the planning all to ourselves—I see a large percentage of it devoted to travel.

I will get to my other 105 countries and write write write. Mornings I will write. Then I’ll have a tiny lovely lunch and a short nap and do life things. Evenings I will write, unless I’m reading. I will write blogs and books and articles and essays and reviews and many lists to organize my writing.

My brother just called. I must get this money to my family soon. Right now Robert is staying in a Motel 6, eating at IHOP in a small town in Kansas. Next thing he’ll be voting Republican. No, that will never happen…unless…with all of this money…we change…and don’t want anyone else to have any of it…and more and more of our friends are bankers…who will probably be Republican…and want us to invest in enterprises that bloat or starve the “others” of the world…and now we love our money so we invest in Walmart and GAP and the anti-gay greasy chicken place and AIG. OMG.

Tomorrow night when I realize I have the winning ticket I’ll have to rip it up. And remain a good person. Phew…that was close!


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  1. Don’t rip up that ticket when you win…give it to me and I will keep just a little and not become a Republican and give the rest for projects to help people all over the world. Honest…I would do that. So, see, if you win you won’t have to feel guilty at all. And best of all, of course, you can write whenever you can anyway…rich or poor the ideas are there to be put to paper..dare I say paper? Soon you start your great adventure…5,000 miles and not anywhere near Delaware. How can this be? next time. Be safe and have a great trip


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