Granddaughters are surely among the world’s most delightful creatures (well grandsons too but for tonight it’s all granddaughters all of the time). Sara just turned 14. She is a student, cheerleader, giggly girl, smart girl and not a bad shopper. She told us tonight at dinner that school aptitude tests pointed in the direction of law/lawyer. So if you put the shopping and law together she could be a future elegant, well-dressed successful attorney–aka The Good Wife.

We have a tradition, my granddaughters and I. For birthdays we eat and shop. It’s not a very original idea but we do enjoy it! And carry it on faithfully year after year. Here’s a small album of tonight. Sara, the tall elegant 14 year old, Patricia her pretty older sister and the ultimate shopping guide, Marsha my pretty sister-in-law and me (who never spent more than 15 minutes in a lingerie shop in my life–which may have something to do with….)  That’s the cast of characters, you can decide who’s who.

TODAY X 365 #2 STARTING APRIL 14. 13 502


TODAY X 365 #2 STARTING APRIL 14. 13 528



TODAY X 365 #2 STARTING APRIL 14. 13 555


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