TV goes off at Midnight…how will I know if Matthew is resurrected in the next month?

TODAY X 365 #2 STARTING APRIL 14. 13 478

Buddy T. is WATCHING US.

By the way…Downton Abbey is back January 5th.

I just did a brave thing. Had my DirectTV service suspended for a month starting today. Save $75. A good thing. I will be gone the entire time EXCEPT FOR THE NEXT THREE DAYS. Okay so in these three days I would only have watched a couple of hours of news and the smarter-than-average¬†Friday evening programming on PBS. Okay okay, I know I can find it on-line…but it is not the same as plopping down on the couch and mindlessly pressing ‘on’ and channels change. Okay okay okay I whine about no time to read or write. How work interferes with my real life. But part of the blame is TV isn’t it? Honestly? Now for a month NO TV. UNTIL JUNE 2ND WHEN THE KILLING RETURNS and I am in a Minneapolis hotel room with AMC.

When I came home from work I checked to see if the TV was still in service. It was. Piers Morgan was interviewing Donald Rumsfeld. Rachel Maddow told a story about how the US, Russia and Iran all agreed on something today–a wrestling-related thing. And on PBS a zebra stallion killed a baby in his herd that was not fathered by him. WHY IN THE HELL AM I SO ADDICTED TO SOMETHING THAT GIVES ME THOSE KINDS OF CHOICES?

How I've missed Rummy...

How I’ve missed Rummy…

TODAY X 365 #2 STARTING APRIL 14. 13 472

It was whether to drop wrestling from the Olympics that U.S. Russia and Iran agree about. NOT to. Good that we come together on the important stuff.

Mad at the mother, kill the kid, who knew zebras could behave so much like humans.

Mad at the mother, kill the kid, who knew zebras could behave so much like humans.


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