Holy Men

The holy men (fundamentalists) of the Bible (Christian and Hebrew), the Koran, the book of Mormon and other “sacred” texts of religions large and small have never been and are not now holy.  How can I best, most succinctly express my opinion of them and the belief systems they made up and perpetuate? What a bunch of baloney comes to mind.

What has raised my female ire this morning is an article in today’s Times, “Standoff at Western Wall Over Praying by Women.” It’s the ultra Orthodox Jews in this case. But it could be the Taliban killing females, young and old as they try to learn. Or the fundamentalist Mormons raping their thirteen-year-old “wives.” It could be one of our Bible-belt Senators trying his damndest to eliminate Planned Parenthood funding or support violent men keeping their guns for the next attempt on the life of the disobedient female in their lives.

It is all about fear—fear of women, fear of the ‘other’, fear of not having something to dominate. Fear of the unknown led men to create mythological saviors to feel safe—to keep the unknown outside the cave door. And who is less known by men than women? Boys…you must stop being so afraid. Learn to live in the real world. Learn to read something besides the books other fearful males wrote. Learn to do something useful instead of wasting all of this energy on keeping women in their place—that place where they can’t tempt you because you have no self control; where they can’t talk back because then who would you dominate; where they can’t have lives outside the limited extent of your knowledge.  STOP IT.

Disclaimer! Obviously this isn’t aimed at all of the reasonable intelligent courageous men in the world—of which there are many. Including all of my acquaintances (almost).


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  1. Is this where we say Amen…can I have an amen! The oppression of women is what men have done for many centuries. I guess the only time that has not happened is when women were in charge in a few places, long ago. It is so sad that many religious people started out with good intentions, and then their ideas were taken over by men who saw it as a way to build societies that they were in charge of..keeping everbody in line, especially women. I have a friend who thinks the human race is so stupid and violent that we will end up destroying everything on the planet. Perhaps he is correct.


    • Hey Tomas…wish you were here…my bro and his wife and kids coming over for honey/mustard/curry chicken and banana cake. The males in my family are almost all okay…and when I detect a chauvinistic note we take care of it! Miss you.


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