The Road to Roseau


My best friend Princess and me…a long time ago…on the road to somewhere.

How far is Roseau MN from my house? 1,491 miles. Going behind and through mountain ranges on two-lane highways, avoiding freeways at all costs and reaching my cousin’s house by way of Winnipeg, Canada will add many miles which is why I’m mapping everything road by backroad. Also there’s the fact that pouring over maps is one of life’s ten best pastimes.

My mapping-to-avoid-all-freeways project stalled a few weeks ago at Fort Collins CO. It was time to prepare dinners for friends and the house for visitors and work for work and finding time to map and write has been complicated. Soon I’ll be on the road writing all of the time. For now this is it.

Too tired. Not enough sleep. I love sleep. And maps.


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