Brothers and Sisters

Robert is four years younger than me. We spent most of our lives fighting. First just on general principles. Big sister who can boss around the littler kid–age old story I think. Then we eventually started fighting about real stuff. He liked to hunt, I practically memorized Bambi. The “gun battle” went on forever. But now we’re old and kind…and realize nobody else in the world has those memories–those sibling memories that once parents are gone–no one else can share.

We look forward to spending time together. Mostly agree on everything, even politics although he may be a bit more tolerant. He lives on the Redneck Riviera and I am here in somewhat more tolerant Albuquerque so he has to be.

I’ve cleaned the house, changed the sheets, been to the grocery store for goodies. Just waiting for the bro. And Marsha who is like my sister pretty much. Maybe they’ll move here…but they always say that. Then they get here and decide they still like Florida better…bugs and all.

Here we are awhile ago.






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  1. My God! They had automobiles then in Minnesota? I thought it was horses and sleighs most of the time…it is like the tundra of Alaska, right?
    I had an older Sister and that is exactly what happened between us. We fought a lot over everything. Then as we have become older we like each other a great deal. Since our parents are gone we hold the family memories….when they are forgotten the people in them are like ghosts, there, but unseen and unknown.


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