May Day

6:30pm: Chris Hayes (MSNBC) just told a good story…as the entire world celebrates May Day (except we really don’t because it has Commie overtones—although now it turns out we have to band together with those bad Russians against those bad Islamists).  But that’s not the good story…which is that Bangladeshi workers staged a huge rally today against their terrible working conditions and the seriously evil guy responsible for the building collapse (over 400 dead and counting). I think he may have even been arrested. Or at least barred from leaving the country. So come on Ralph and GAP and Benetton let’s put in a good word here for the workers.

Chris also made another statement that sounds great but is rarely true. He said eventually something so horrific happens that a nation rises up and says “enough!” Yeah, sometimes. Unless you’re in a country with an NRA. Then people whimper and whine a little and nothing happens. Hope they are stronger in Bangladesh.



But enough, my blog tonight is actually dedicated to the well-paid workers in Sweden who had some part in creating the pieces of wood that arrived at my door in a big box with screws and nails and instructions—which supposedly can become a table if I proceed patiently…and determinedly.

I put together a bookcase a few days ago and that did not go well. I kept having to rip pieces back apart and a big screw-like thing sheared off and in another place a strip of the fake board peeled back (fortunately in the back). Okay wish me luck.



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  1. You are a bigger risk taker than I. I would not even attempt to put something like that together. I learned long ago that anything involving a screw driver or hammer was a signal to me.,..DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS. I must also admit that I am very cautious about eating or drinking anything not from America. I just think it is safer and perhaps I am totally wrong about this. I know what our food inspection problems are here and am willing to take that risk. Yes, I eat grapes from Chile. That doesn’t count because I can speak some Spanish..well, never mind. Good luck with your project…


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