Day Off

House where I grew up, now all fallen down...rather like me.

House where I grew up, now all fallen down…rather like me.

April is my January, the month I start over each year; April 3 is January 1 when all my annual resolutions kick into gear. Here is my update. I am doing this because there must be a post to TODAY X 365 or my primary resolution will be broken—which is to post an essay, story or new photograph each day. EVERY DAY.  ALL YEAR. By the end of these 365 days I will be a polished writer and a moderately successful photographer.

Of course there are other resolutions since it would not be possible to start a new year without resolving to improve exercise and diet habits.  I get B for exercise, missing only one abs class and two cold morning walks; B- for the 5-2 diet plan because, while I’ve been more careful than usual, I haven’t managed the two 500 calorie days each week. I get an A for no NCIS marathons (until today) and for not buying any new books. Obviously daily posting to my new blog is the biggie—where I must get an A.

That’s my problem today. Like yesterday, today is a bit of a downer. Not sure why. But I cannot think of one single thing about which to write…except writing about not writing. And I do not want to even walk around the block to take a new photo. So perhaps a lazy life review?

And then there were the cows/pet cows/pets.


Besides baking pies, mom raised cattle–I think this is Shorty?

And this was Rosy...or maybe it's the other way around.

And this was Rosy…or maybe it’s the other way around.


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