Twenty Days and Counting

Twenty days ago TODAY X 365 was launched. It still seems like a good idea…with major changes! 

 THE SCHEDULE: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will make smartly-written, calm and sometimes witty observations about where in the world the morning news sees fit to take us; my sources are CNN, MSNBC, Link-Aljazeera, PBS-BBC and the NY Times. I will read and watch for approximately one hour each of those mornings. I will reserve my emotional rants for FB posts and telephone conversations with my brother.  

 On Tuesdays and Thursdays, early morning walks will offer up a photo spread of the neighborhood, including the Bosque, maybe Old Town and parts yet unknown, before the day gets hot and people-filled. I will try to move beyond pictures of ducks and geese, at least part of the time.

 Saturdays are reserved for semi-learned reviews of murder mysteries and, sometimes, related web sites. This reconsideration of 365 came about partly because of yesterday’s attempt to write something quick and easy about Henning Mankell, one of my favorite writers of international crime fiction (or, as I prefer to call them, murder mysteries). An hour with Google and a look at my stack of Wallander and other of Mankell’s books reminded me that the authors worth reading deserve more than a couple of hastily scribbled paragraphs. So I will write, for those of you who have asked and for my personal pleasure, about my own preferred murderous leanings and the writers who satisfy them.

 Sundays will remain open season. Maybe if I am as tired as today, I’ll just post one of my latest ‘ducks of the Rio Grande’ photos. Or another pot of steaming kale.

 THE REASON: Saturday evening’s performance and tribute dinner for UNM’s Jim Linnell was the main prompt for change. I was in the company of the people I admire the most in the world. Writers, professors, thinkers—word and idea people. That is who I wanted to be but without the necessary intellectual focus, talent or determination it did not happen. However there is no reason not to come as close to being a writer and thinker as I can at this stage of my life.

 Old friends were there last night, professors of mine from endless years of university classes in one thing or the other. It was so good to see them. I wanted to say proudly ‘you must read my blog…here’s the address.’ Of course I did not because this blog isn’t really something to be proud of yet. But it will be!


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