Blogging is not for Sissies

TODAY X 365 #2 STARTING APRIL 14. 13 180

TODAY X 365 was intended as a daily blog through which I would develop consistent writing habits, hone my writing skills, and write small pieces that were of some small interest to a few people. I have only half succeeded…truthfully maybe that’s only one-third.  I have written something every day and several days have brought forth well-written posts OR a great photo. But there are all those other loser days. Got to up the average to make this worthwhile to me, followers (the four of you), and the cyberspace I am consuming.

 While 365 isn’t intended as great literature it is supposed to be more than my daily diary or a Facebook post or a text message. Unfortunately that is what it’s about to become unless I remake the whole idea.

 I am doing that. Tomorrow the new plan will be posted in all its brilliance and with great sustainability potential.

 Thank you and Goodnight.


About mneset

Writer, Traveler, Director/North Fourth Art Center

Posted on April 21, 2013, in Living LIFE. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I don’t know if posting on blogs is more “free or fun” than facebook…is it? I had something I wanted to post this morning on facebook, and did not because it was too personal for a wide audience. Do you feel you have to post something really super every day?


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