Eddy and the Gang

 TODAY X 365, beginning April 2013 296

I have the amazing good fortune to work at the North Fourth Art Center out on 4th Street NW in Albuquerque. The Center is all about art—art education, creation, exhibition, entrepreneurship—with an environment that is part community college, part art studio and ALL mutual support, new experiences and good fun. It really does not get any better than this! 

Eddy, copying Theo's "Ranger Man" onto the big board.

Eddy, copying Theo’s “Ranger Man” onto the big board.

Today for example I hung out in Eddy’s place in the Day Arts program. That would be with Eddy Wauneka and his “Creating Graphic Novels” class. There will be much more about this dedicated group of graphic artists in the May edition of North Fourth NEWS but for now it should just be noted that this is a nose-to-the-grindstone and, at the same time, very happening classroom. 

Theo, Creator of RANGER MAN.

Theo, Creator of RANGER MAN.

Day Arts artists lobbied for this class and now it’s in full swing. While there are a number of talented artists present (again, more about everyone in the NEWS) you can enjoy a short visit now with one of the most vociferous and talented among them, Theo.

Superheroes abound here with Theo’s Ranger Man probably being the most fully developed.  Ranger Man originated in Theo’s active imagination with some inspiration from Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Ninja Turtles, Anime and more. Ranger Man has his own helmet, costume and accessories and appears at comic book conventions and conferences around town. Maybe he’s about to have his own comic book…TV show…major film with sequels? And we’ll be able to say we knew Theo back when!  

 TODAY X 365, beginning April 2013 353

I think Eddy and Theo are a little bit alike—on the verge of becoming super heroes themselves with all of their cultural adventures as the stuff of graphic novel dreams .

 Eddy is a talented artist besides being a sought-after teacher and inspiration to all who dream big. Originally from Fort Defiance, Arizona, Eddy is one of eight children, a cross-country runner, football player, army veteran, biker and is in the process of becoming a good (and health conscious) cook. He attended schools in Oklahoma and UNM resulting in two degrees (graphic and fine arts) and a number of artistic skills at his fingertips. More about that later, but for now let’s just note that Eddy is one of many degreed, talented and dedicated artist teachers at North Fourth—all with original and creative approaches to life, art and sharing their knowledge. 

Rudy, imagining the NEXT super hero.

Rudy, imagining the NEXT super hero.

The time today in the Graphic Novels class was fascinating; I’ve never had the chance before to see super heroes emerge before my very eyes. Thanks to Eddy, Theo and their classmates whose work will all be front and center in the May NEWS.

Finally...Leon and a super HEROINE, right?

Finally…Leon and a super HEROINE, right?

Eddy & Rudy make a plan to conquer new galaxies.


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