44° and Walking Fast

TODAY X 365 004
6:24am. Brrr! It is New Mexico April chilly. (Okay okay okay, Minnesota and Norwegian friends—44° is warm you say…) Birds are crazy noisy these spring mornings, all chirpy and chatty and twittery (real twitters as opposed to …). People driving to 7am jobs on Central and along Tingley Drive will drown out lovely bird conversations shortly.

TODAY X 365 021

Down at the Tingley Beach ponds new families of ducks and geese are enjoying the morning…floating, flying, waddling accompanied by a rusty sounding chorus of incessant quacks. A blog called “It’s a Bird Thing…” has excellent photos of the varied species. Time to buy a bird book…mom (the serious birder in the family) would be proud.

TODAY X 365 015

This beach/Bosque/pond is the best thing in Albuquerque. They’re doing some work with giant machines down by the river bank which is hopefully non-commercial, environmentally-friendly and benign. A sign says they’ll be done by April 15th so we will see.

TODAY X 365 027

And the sun breaks through as I head down 14th home.

TODAY X 365 032


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